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Corona update for speakers: week 12

Standing oration
Corona update for speakers: week 12
By Kristian from Speakers Loft • Issue #40 • View online
I wish we could talk about something else. But there is nothing more important.

To be blunt: if you have not yet gotten cancellations, expect them.
Events continue to be cancelled all over the world. Flights are getting cancelled and borders are closing throughout Europe. The UK and the US are likely to start imposing stricter rules now.
Event limits are now:
Austria to 5 people
Czechia to 50 people.
Denmark to 100 people.
France to 100 people.
Germany to 1000 people.
Ireland to 100 people (indoors).
Italy - no events allowed.
Poland to 50 people.
Spain - no events allowed.
Sweden to 500 people.
United Kingdom - limits expected very soon.
United States - The CDC recommend cancelling all events with more than 50 people.
This does not cover all countries with restrictions, but you get the idea.
Live streaming options
If we can keep the world from grinding to a complete standstill, we should. Here are some of the live streaming options available to you, if you clients accept a livestream instead of a cancelled events.
(We have no affiliation with either, it just seemed like kind of thing you should be considering.)
Dacast: Live Streaming Solution | Video on Demand Platform
Panopto Video Platform For Business & Education
On the bright side
Keep in mind that the number of new infections in South Korea and China seem to be dwindling. This thing can be beaten.
Also, here is video of humans being awesome in the face of hardship.
Coronavirus: Spain and Italy applaud health workers - BBC News
Stay safe, stay indoors if you can. Try not to hoard basic supplies and see if elderly neighboors need help (preferably through digital means).
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