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An illness that targets speakers

The silent epidemic of loneliness is over us and more so than ever before. Learning how to tackle it,
Standing oration
An illness that targets speakers
By Kristian from Speakers Loft • Issue #17 • View online
The silent epidemic of loneliness is over us and more so than ever before. Learning how to tackle it, and where to go as a speaker can be crucial in avoiding loneliness. Besides it is just nice to meet like-minded people.’

With ‘Mental Illness Awareness Week 2019’ just around the corner we’re going to do this a little differently. Today’s entry is about the growing problem of loneliness. Things have gotten so bad, that people talk about an epidemic of loneliness. This is real. For speakers the issue may be even more serious: we work, research and travel alone. 
Fourty-seven percent of Americans are lonely. This is more than double of what it was just a few decades ago, according to a study by MDLinx. If you feel lonely from time to time, then you aren’t alone. Everything points towards these numbers increasing in the future as Generation Z (those born after about 1995) was found to be the loneliest generation of everyone asked under the age of 75. 
Early mortality, obesity, demotivation and higher blood pressure among other adverse health risks are all side-effects of loneliness.
As speakers our brains are our tools and no real professional lets his or her tools rust away. 
Watch out for rust. Photo by Kevin Noble.
Watch out for rust. Photo by Kevin Noble.
A bonfire for speakers
Contrary to popular belief, the study indicates that; social media use alone is not a predictor of loneliness. In the findings, a lack of meaningful human connectedness is paramount, so the local cashier or your hairdresser, (If you are bald, then replace hairdresser with dentist) does not equal “meaningful human connectedness”. But a colleague you see every day and who you celebrate on their birthdays might be.
So is a speaker who share your reality. That is why we made standing oration in the first place. And the more people we are, the more meaning we can create together. We’re proud to be roughly 3000 readers already!
Travel to speak
Everywhere you go, there are already talented speakers. To get the most of our trips around the planet we’ve created TravelToSpeak.
You can see who you should talk to (almost) everywhere you go. We add new places and cities very often, and have even thrown in available speaking opportunities. It’s free to check out the site but for reasons of privacy contact info on specific members are only available for paying members. And you can only become a paying member by invite.
We hope to have all of you join eventually, but sometimes you’ve got to start small.  
In closing:
I am not saying that getting together in words and reality will cure loneliness, but I am also not saying that it will not. It’s a worthwhile challenge and we’ve got to try. In any case, ; remember to take care of yourself, and reach out to a colleague or friend.
You never know who’s in need for someone to talk to. 
‘What if the whole idea of you being in competition with everyone around you was a lie? What if you were just supposed to connect and enjoy’ 
- Donald Miller
That’s all for now. I wish you tons of success in your business pursuits and remember that you have tons of speaker colleagues.
See you with a new edition in a week. Thank you for reading.
By the way - here are some calls for speakers published during the past weels. I can see on our numbers that you appreciate these more than the Speakersloft Reports.
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If you know someone who doesn’t receive our journal, but would be perfect to talk at these events, let them know. It is a great conversation starter if you are afraid of loneliness.
Take care,
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Kristian from Speakers Loft

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