Standing oration

By Kristian from Speakers Loft

Standing oration is a bonfire for public speakers. Huddle around with the rest of us, as we talk about living and working as a public speaker. We're also creating

Standing oration is a bonfire for public speakers. Huddle around with the rest of us, as we talk about living and working as a public speaker. We're also creating

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Negotiation tool: Silence

This one may go against every fiber in your body. But it works.Mastering the art of silence is something that few of us do. Almost none do it purposefully.There are some unwritten rules of communication. For instance, if we meet, you speak, then I speak, then…


Being memorable - what speakers can learn from colonoscopies (and other things)

As speakers, we’re all in the business of creating memories. We want to deliver incredible experiences to the audience. That means crafting enduring impressions. Clever speakers are adept at creating experiences that optimize not only for the event itself but…


Corona update for speakers: week 12

To be blunt: if you have not yet gotten cancellations, expect them.Events continue to be cancelled all over the world. Flights are getting cancelled and borders are closing throughout Europe. The UK and the US are likely to start imposing stricter rules now.E…


Corona - be safe!

Hi Speakers,I genuinely hope that you and yours will be safe and get through this corona-situation with nothing more than a few canceled speaking opportunities to worry about.It seemed a little crazy to write about silence as a negotiation tool this week, as …


Handling rejection

Imagine you are at a job interview. The company seems to be passionate about making a positive impact on the world. You will get full autonomy to solve your tasks (and support if/when you need it), and the pay is a substantial improvement over your old job. Y…


Are your stories being re-told?

I need to make a broad, philosophical statement. I apologize, but here goes:Technology permeates everything, but it doesn't matter. We are still people, and we, therefore, act like people.In other words, there are some very potent forces available for your ma…


Put your business on trial

Many things can make customers hesitant about doing business with you. Most of them have nothing to do with you.Nobody remembers that one gig that failed miserably.Maybe the client saw a disappointing speaker once, and this colors their perception of your cho…


Negotiation tool: Tone of Voice

Since trust is everything in our line of work, the ability to make people feel more positive towards you is everything. We think of our clothes and the things we say routinely. Then ignore the tone in which we say it.That is a shame.According to Professor Alb…


When the game isn't working, change the rules

In the town where I was born, something terrible happened on the 8th of July 1959. A boat caught fire, panic ensued, and many drowned.What's hard to understand is that the water is so shallow there that most could easily stand on the bottom of the lake. But i…


Negotiation tool: Don't rush

Rushing is terrible because feeling rushed is a kind of anxiety. When we feel anxiety setting in, our minds drift towards thinking about threats and possible things that could go wrong. You do not want those clouds gathering in the mind of the meeting planner…


Negotiation tool: Mirroring

The chances are that someone has done this to you already, and you didn’t notice. When you mirror someone, you repeat the last thing they said back at them, prompting them to keep talking.I know from personal experience that it is handy.While it sounds like s…


Left, right: One foot forward

According to Google Maps, it takes 912 hours to walk from New York to Los Angeles. It seems like an enormous distance, but (barring practicalities) you could achieve it in a year by walking 2,5 hours every day.And after that, you'd have bragging rights for th…


Negotiation: Concerns are vampires

The person on the other side of the table will occasionally think you are nothing more than a snake-oil salesman. If you are a non-American reader: a snake oil salesman is a charlatan, but that word doesn't carry quite the same vivid imagery as the American o…


See you in 2020

On May 27th, 2019, I sent the first Standing Oration issue called Public Speaking in a Global World, which I think, in hindsight, is an awful title.The title doesn't hint at the content at all. If I had received an email with such a boisterous title, I'm not …


Write to get a response

There is a popular myth that when elephants grow old, they wander off to the mythical elephants’ graveyard. This boney place is an El Dorado for adventurers, who have searched far and wide for its riches in ivory.But there is no such place.A contemporary equi…


Peak (Secrets from the science of expertise) - the speakers' version

Anything can be learned, so hurray for that. The bad news is that it takes more than just mindless repetition. It takes deliberate practice, and this is very different from just doing a thing over and over and over and hoping to improve.Deliberate practice is…


"No" is not the end of your negotiation

A little more than half of males feel comfortable about negotiating when asked upfront.In comparison, just 38% of women feel the same.If you subscribe to the idea that men tend to showboat a little (I can see why you would get the idea), you’d probably find a…


SIDE HUSTLES: Three things a course creator learned the hard way

"For the past 4 years I have been creating and launching online courses with varying levels of success. Thankfully, I have learned from my mistakes and do not make them anymore. Here’s what I wish I had known four years ago:Don’t wait for the right time. (Hin…


Weaponize your pride (and make more money)

Bragging is not a good thing. Mostly, I guess, because it's annoying to listen to.But we all do it from time to time. And it makes us accomplish incredibly things, because we tend to carry around our pride with us everywhere. If we said something aloud, we be…


Reputation Management: One scorpion in a bowl of cherries

Do you ever get the feeling that you live in two separate worlds? There is a digital world, where everyone is crazy, bad mouths people they disagree with and generally act like their emotions are the psychological equivalent of too small underpants?And then t…